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In business, selecting the right word matters. Whether it's a brochure, a proposal, or a newsletter to your clients, a well-placed adjective can be the difference between making the sale and making the recycling bin. Even the first website listed on a results page can lose a reader with the twitch of a finger unless the writing is clean, clear, and compelling. Most of all, good copy reflects a business's aspirational sense of professionalism, integrity, and experience.


With experience as a licensed attorney, an award-winning journalist, and a college professor, I know how to break down a complex idea and keep it simple. I want to learn about your business's needs and priorities. Click here to schedule a meeting by email, or click on the "Contact Me" tab above for a free consultation.

Let Write Be Done is more than a name for my business. In old English law, when a person wanted to have their case heard by the highest court in the land, they filed a Petition of Right. To accept the petition, the king or one of his representatives stood and uttered the words, “let right be done” in English or in Latin, “fiat justitia.”


Marketing a legal business, nonprofit, or campaign is not like marketing a product. Gimmicky copy that works well selling consumer goods is inappropriate, insincere or worse, reptilian. I work under the company name Let Write Be Done because I recognize the difference. That is why I deliver clear, compelling, and concise copy injected with honesty and integrity.

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